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Abstract Horizon


Women leaders for a better world.

"The world needs more Women Leaders "
We are a global network of diverse mentors and leaders abundantly sharing wisdom.
Our mission is to create a scaffold that supports all women to rise to their leadership potential.

Because all women deserve economic equity and to live fulfilling lives:

  • We believe that when women embrace and enhance their natural leadership qualities every woman can achieve extraordinary things

  • We know that women thrive when they have a supportive ecosystem of role models, networks, and mentors

  • We know that when women thrive, families thrive, communities thrive, society and business thrive

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Our Mentors

Our global mentors are creating future leaders. 
We are here to provide the lift that you need in your career, business, project, and community so you can soar to greater heights. 


Our mentors are from a diversity of geographies, cultures, ages, experiences, professional backgrounds, sectors, and achievements. They are passionately committed to inclusive leadership and helping women succeed. 


Our Mentees

Our mentees embarking
on a leadership journey with is.  

As a Mentees, having a mentor is life-changing. They are your ally, amplifier, advocate, role-model, and guide, who  support you to navigate change and challenges, strengthen your self-leadership capabilities and set a course for your future.

We invite graduates, aspiring and emerging leaders managers, community leaders and entrepreneurs, around the world, we are here for you. 


Give the Gift of Wisdom

Birthday, Graduation or Random Act of Kindness can give an underprivileged/disadvantaged woman the precious gift of wisdom,
to transform her future.  With a contribution of AUD $240 or part thereof, you can provide her with an annual subscription to our platform. 

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Abstract Horizon

Join our circle of SHEROES

"SHERO is a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities; a heroine."


SHEROES have overcome challenges, gained wisdom and experience and embrace "Ubuntu" - "I am because you are."


Our Supporters


Our Partners

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