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SHErise: Where every SHEro finds her power.

Introducing a transformative 90-day personal acceleration program that promises to redefine your journey. Immerse yourself in a dynamic experience alongside a community of like-minded women.
Rooted in evidence-based practices of positive psychology and neuro-leadership, this course is designed to elevate your confidence and strategically shape your career, relationships, and future.
Uncover the depth of your personal leadership power and unleash the full spectrum of your true potential. It's time to embrace a game-changing experience that will propel you forward in every aspect of your life.

Our next cohort starts in March 2024 with limited spots to ensure the highest possible impact for all women involved. Pre-register for this cohort to receive the best chance of being selected. Submit your details below.

SHEroes Academy

As we know, "it takes a village to raise a woman" and we're thrilled to invite you to ours!

Step into our female leadership development hub, where you can access a curated collection of learning materials, including blog posts, video series, interviews, podcasts, and more. Our content is updated monthly, ensuring a continuous flow of insights to push the boundaries of your leadership journey.

Experience self-paced learning and wisdom from some of the most accomplished women in the world, providing you with tips, tools, and inspiration needed to thrive in your leadership role.
Join this dynamic community, where empowerment, education, and leadership excellence converge and where your growth knows no bounds!

About Us

WWS Mentorship Program

Our worldwide mentorship program is dedicated to empowering women of diversity and disadvantage, to rise to their leadership potential. Our mentors around the world are in 10 Industry categories and are committed to sharing invaluable wisdom, practical tips, and personal experiences that will accelerate your progress on the journey of leadership, career, or business success. 

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Sahera's Story

The world today is facing a “GLC “: a global leadership crisis, as we desperately look towards our leaders for vision and inspiration only to be disappointed time and again. I believe the answer is within each one of us to step into leadership, find our passion, and live with courage and conviction so that we can all positively impact our world and inspire others to be the best of themselves. Through self-leadership and leading from the “Inside–out”, ordinary people find the power to achieve extraordinary things, however big or small the contribution.


I founded “Arete: Full Potential” (Arete: to achieve your potential through your Purpose) to fulfill my mission of creating Leaders for a
Better world in corporate and community. This corporate leadership consulting firm has taken me around the world in Africa, Asia, and Europe designing and delivering high potential and executive leadership programs, organizational culture change workshops, and helping leaders realise their full potential. I have worked with NGOs, International Development organisations, civil society organisations to strengthen and scale their impact through effective leadership and culture solutions. Projects have taken me to Kenya (my birthplace) Uganda, Nigeria, Senegal, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan. 


I am now excited to take my 15+ years of global corporate experience to the Social Impact sector. Launching Worldwide SHEroes is the biggest adventure that has taken me full circle as I connect my global network with my passion for women’s empowerment so we can collectively rise to our potential, whilst supporting the next generation and under-served women to do the same. Our Vision is to see more women of diversity and under-privilege in positions of leadership so they can influence their world and to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is with deep gratitude and a united purpose,  we embark on this exciting journey together. 
"Women Leaders for a Better World" 

Sahera Sumar, Global Influencer and
Amazon best seller Author


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