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Where every SHEro finds their power.

A powerfully blended Leadership Program that combines
self-guided learning modules, strength assessments, reflective exercises, and dynamic online discussion groups. 


My story begins in Africa, where I was born and initially guided by societal expectations to support, conform, and please. However, an awakening within me sparked a profound desire for self-empowerment, taking me on a life's journey of self-discovery, growth, and development. Having founded a global leadership consulting company, I've undertaken impactful projects in over 25 countries, aligning myself with transformative initiatives led by organizations such as the UNAA (NSW), the World Bank, WHO, WFP, AKDN, and AKF.  This experience led me to initiate a women's leadership and mentorship platform, connecting women worldwide so we can aspire to rise together, redefine the concept of power, and navigate our unique paths to success.

This distinctive program is designed to guide you through a voyage of self-discovery, empowering you to define and shape your future, career, and relationships, to ultimately take charge of your tomorrow.  Numerous passionate and intelligent women often fall short of realizing their full potential, influenced by a world that suggests they are insufficient or need to surpass others' expectations. This transformative experience challenges that narrative, urging women to play not to lose but to "play to win", encouraging them to break free from limiting definitions of success thereby unlocking the immense potential within each woman 

Personal Development

Walk away with a clear roadmap to success, defining
your authentic self, passion, purpose and values

& tools

Insightful & practical use

of best-practices in neuro-leadership and   positive psychology  

Live Coaching

Peer live coaching sessions to amplify and embed the learning experience


 Own your story and lead authentically so you can step into your Power and rise to your Potential

Introducing a transformative 90-day personal acceleration program that promises to redefine your journey.


Immerse yourself in a dynamic experience alongside a community of like-minded women.
Rooted in evidence-based practices of positive psychology and neuro-leadership, this course is designed to elevate your confidence and strategically shape your career, relationships, and future.
Uncover the depth of your personal leadership power and unleash the full spectrum of your true potential. It's time to embrace a game-changing experience that will propel you forward in every aspect of your life.

Our next cohort starts in March 2024 with limited spots to ensure the highest possible impact for all women involved. Pre-register for this cohort to receive the best chance of being selected. Submit your details below.

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