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Partner to empower

Open up opportunities, drive social change and improve economic equity for women of diversity and disadvantage.

Help empower women to lead, for a better world

Around the world, women are face many barriers to growing their careers and taking the lead. But you can help open doors.

As a partner of SHEroes, your organisation can play a pivotal role in helping women connect with powerful mentors. It’s a chance to make a real impact for real women and to transform lives. Embrace your values of diversity, equity and inclusion while strengthening your brand as a forward-thinking, socially responsible business.

Our partnerships make it possible to:

Empower women of diverse backgrounds
in 35 countries, expanding globally

Provide 550+ hours of mentoring, leadership, career management, personal development, and self leadership

Provide women with personally matched access to mentors including Senior Executive C-suites, VPs,  Influencers, and leaders

Strengthen the diverse female talent pipeline and promote inclusive leadership

Offering big benefits to the company heading

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Global exposure

Become part of a global community sharing a common purpose with access to our online social community and invitations to special events.

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Employee engagement

Offer opportunities for your team to develop their skills as mentors and share their experiences to build a valuable sense of purpose and meaning at work.

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Diversity talent pipeline

Tap into an exciting pool of new and emerging talent from around the world to build teams that think differently and enhance your reputation as an employer of choice.

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Social responsibility

SHEroes’ mission is promotes five United Nations Sustainability Goals, enabling your organisation to proudly demonstrate its commitment to a globally recognised vision.

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Work with us to create innovative learning solutions that align with our shared mission and your specialised industry expertise, to further your strategic aims.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Encourage an understanding of the values of diversity, equity and inclusion among internal stakeholders, creating opportunities for the voices and experiences of women to be heard.

Our shared values

We all rise together

We aim to improve the economic equity and self-reliance of women globally for everyone’s benefit.

Open and inclusive

We look to nurture passion, drive and talent wherever it may be found.

Leaving a legacy

We believe powerful relationships with mentors can having a lasting, positive impact for generations.

Authentic and purposeful

Actions speak louder than words – we commit to tangible, real-world efforts that make a difference.

A network of global change-makers

Together we are strong enough to transform the world for the better.


Program Sponsor

$2,000 - $5,000 donation

+  Sponsor programs
+  Global webinars
+  Contribution to gender equity SDG’s
+  Logo on our Website
+  Speaker in programs

Support the small steps that can make a meaningful difference to the future of women.


Foundational Partner

$25,000 donation

+  Single Donation

+  Volunteer hours

+  Network Mentors 
+  Sponsor 10 women
+  Contribution to gender equity SDG’s
+  Logo on our website and socials
+  Sponsor women mentees
+  Join global mentor pool   

Invest in powerful change-making commitments that open doors for women in need and strengthen your brand as a socially responsible organisation.


Legacy Partner

$50,000 donation

+  Annual Donations

+  Volunteer hours
+  Network mentors
+  Sponsor 25 women

+  Strategy partner
+  Join WWS advisory board

+  Engage in strategy  
+  Contribute to the UN SDG’s
+  Sponsor women Mentees
+  Join global mentor pool
+  Logo and website and socials

Become a globally recognised industry leader promoting women’s leadership pathways and champion diversity, equity and inclusion in your organisation.

Hear from our partners


Host International


Community Migrant
Resource Centre


AGA Khan Foundation

We align to 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals (for women)


Quality Education Goal: 4.4     

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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Gender Equality Goal: 5.5

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Icon 5.png

Reduce Inequalities Goal: 10.2

Empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.

Icon 2.png

Partnerships Goal: 17.9 / 17.6

Enhance the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development, complemented by multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge, expertise and resources.

Icon 4.png

Decent Work &  Economic Growth Goal: 8.3 / 8.5

Achieve full and productive employment and decent work and equal pay for work of equal value.(STEM, Digitisation, Innovation etc).

Our Theory of Change

How do we improve the imbalance of leadership roles for women of diversity and disadvantage around the world? We believe it starts with connecting them to women who have ‘climbed the ladder’, and who can share their hard-won wisdom.

Ultimately, our vision is a world where all women are more employable, earning equitably and have access to leadership and career opportunities. We focus on women from less privileged and diverse backgrounds, offering mentoring, coaching and educational resources to help them realise their potential.

Our business model

As a not-for-profit organisation, we fund our initiatives entirely through support from individuals, the community and business. We offer three pathways for engagement. Our Membership level is an annual donation that helps an individual mentee access mentoring and education. Our Partnership program enables businesses to work with us to expand our scale, reach and impact. We also welcome Sponsorship from cultural, community and professional groups.

Our founder

Sahera Sumar is a facilitator, leadership coach, mentor, keynote speaker and author. She has extensive global experience in the field of corporate consulting on leadership and social responsibility having worked with The United Nations Australian Association as a Director of their Human Rights pillar, as well as key projects with the World Bank, WHO, AKDN international development. She has a Masters of Organisational Coaching Psychology.

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